Our vision


Flamblocker is the leading company as main distributor of the Flamark products within addition, an own label for a number of products.
We focus on research, development and production of advanced fire fighting systems and devices. All our products have been tested and certified by a large number of independent certification organizations all over the world. The effectiveness of the Flamblockers products has been proven in practice.

Flamblocker's product portfolio includes products that extinguish different types of fire,from fire class A to F, and suitable for extinguishing fires on electrical equipment.

We have automatic fire extinguishers, such as the Flamblocker Automatic Mabo and Flamauto for passive fire protection. Other products are designed for manual use as active fire protection. We can provide the right extinguishing agent for every situation, both for private and professional use.

Our products are environmentally friendly and the production is certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO OHSAS 18001 standards.

An important feature of our extinguishing agents is the fast cooling down principle and a so called saponification:

  • our liquids cool more than 10 times as water
  • the saponification creates a form of insulation that does not cause re-ignition

Unlike foam extinguishing fluids, our liquids are NOT cancerous (no phosphorus); biodegradable and no (consequential) damage to electrical equipment.