Cars /Buses

Most fires on a coach or bus always start with the engine
in the back. In almost all cases, the coach or bus burns down completely.
A valuable investment is lost. A replacement bus will also bring you back
extra costs involved.
For passengers' safety, it is also important to have an effective
have an automatic extinguisher in the engine compartment.
If it is also an ecological one fire extinguishing agent that is harmless to humans, animals and the environment and 10 x better
extinguishes due to the rapid cooling, then a very small investment is appropriate.
With a 10-year warranty and no maintenance required.

For the engine compartment we recommend our Fire Winner Sprinkler or the Flamauto.
Excellent also with electric buses considering Lithium-Ion extinguishing capacity.

                                                Electric buses on fire

Attaching a few ecological Fire Delete spray extinguishers to the coach or bus also increases safety in the event of an indoor fire. An ecological throwing extinguisher MAB near the driver is ideal so that he or she only has to throw the MAB at the indoor fire.


For your passenger car and/or vans, we recommend using the Flamauto
in the engine compartment. If there is no space for this, always take care of it
fire extinguishing spray Firedelete at hand in the vehicle to be able to extinguish a fire. Also safe for the driver and his or her passengers.
The extinguishing spray has the capacity to extinguish a complete car fire
a simple way. Also suitable for lithium-ion.

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