Lithium- Ion

LITHIUM-ION fires are generally difficult to fight.
Today's Lithium Ion batteries are found in many devices, such as Laptops,
Mobile phones and in addition there are many rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries for various applications.
Many spontaneous combustions take place where not being able to extinguish it causes a larger fire.
There are separate Lithium extinguishers for sale on the market, but with our extinguishers you do not have to purchase a separate one.
Our products suitable for metal fires and lithium-ion are:

                                           -Flamblocker Automatic
                                           -Flamblocker 6 ltr extinguisher
                                           -Flamblocker Throw extinguisher
                                           -Flamblocker Firedelete Spraij extinguisher
                                           -Flamblocker MAR 1

It is advisable to have the Flamblocker Firedelete Spraij extinguisher and the throw extinguisher at home, given the ease of use. In addition, one of the vending machines can be attached, for example above a desk where a laptop or mobile phone is located.

We recommend our vending machines for storage locations of Lithium-Ion batteries:
                                           -Flamblocker Automatic
                                           -Flamblocker Flamauto
                                           -Flamblocker Stand-Alone Sprinkler Fire Winner

with an addition of the throw extinguishers and the Firedelete Spraij extinguisher.

For complex fires, we recommend using a number of fire extinguishers, filled with
to have our fire extinguishing fluid MAR1, to hand.
The fire brigade can also use MAR1 in complex fires via a bypass to their fire engine's extinguishing water system.

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