Waste Containers Protection

Prevent fire in your waste containers
Fires in waste containers occur daily in companies, offices, schools, care centers, sports complexes, etc. The causes are usually inattention, vandalism or arson. Sometimes the fire is discovered in time. But often not, resulting in a raging fire.

You run the risk of serious damage
The total damage is considerable and is estimated at hundreds of millions, in the Netherlands alone. In some cases industrial fires even lead to bankruptcy. Schools are usually (temporarily) closed. In addition to (business) economic damage, such fires mean great personal danger or suffering.

In the event of a waste fire, insurers may not pay out
What increases the suffering is that insurance companies regularly do not pay out. How about that? Insurers have exclusion clauses that detail how waste containers should be stored. In practice, most schools, companies and organizations now do not meet these requirements. With nasty surprises as a result if there is fire damage.

Reduce the risk of waste fire and meet insurance requirements
BINYARD is a fire-resistant storage for waste containers, with an automatic extinguishing system. BINYARD ensures that a starting fire in the waste container is extinguished immediately, automatically. Within seconds, without complicated technology.

✔ With BINYARD you now meet the insurance requirements for the storage of waste.
✔ Your waste is protected against fire, vermin and vandalism.
✔ Your waste containers are protected against unwanted use by third parties.
✔ Easy and quick to install, no electricity or water connection required.

See for yourself how it works
Watch the video of one of the tests. You see a burning waste container in a fire-resistant container conversion from BINYARD. The starting fire is extinguished within a few seconds by the extinguishing system. Automatic and fast. BINYARD is Flamblocker's exclusive partner for fire-safe storage of waste containers.

Knowing more? Check out www.binyard.nl